It’s been a very tough week. A lot of big things have been happening, both locally and internationally this week. Nearby to home we’ve had record breaking rains causing widespread flooding. Overseas we’ve Russia invading Ukraine resulting in many innocent civilians being killed, for what reason I still don’t know. It was also the week I found out my friend Anna passed away. I had never meet Anna in person. We became friends online after joining the same Facebook group for one of our favourite authors. She lived on the opposite side of the world, in a different time zone, but because of her sleep problems and one annoyingly loud snoring partner, she would often message me of an afternoon after I finished work. We would talk about random things, about the cat her partner kept promising they could get, food and what she would cook that morning for breakfast or what Hello Fresh meals she should order for the coming week. I admired her passion for food and cooking and I remember telling her once she should be a chef. I was also quite jealous of her cooking abilities. One morning she kept me company while I was sitting in the waiting room at the doctors, while my anxiety was growing bigger the longer and longer I had to wait for my doctor to finally call my name out for my appointment.

Anna wasn’t someone who I would normally associate with in my daily life. I knew she had a drinking problem and earlier had a bad car accident while drink driving. She had been in rehab for it but I think drinking was still a problem for her. Sometimes she would send me messages of just letters and I would have no idea if she was drunk or her phone was playing up. A few months back she was having health problems and waiting to see a few different specialists. She told me she was dying but I kind of brushed it off, not knowing if I should believe her. She was younger than me, in her early 30’s. She was waiting to see specialists so how could she know she was dying. It must just be her anxiety telling her she was going to die. Finally one of her specialists appointments happened and the news seemed quite promising. I was relieved for her knowing things weren’t so grim. Life happens and we didn’t seem to have a chance to chat that much as I’ve been busy with work and my business.

One day last week I realised I hadn’t seen Anna around for a while. It was just a fleeting thought, and I didn’t even think to message her. On Tuesday morning, when I checked Facebook on my break at work, I found a message from another member of a Facebook group that both Anna and I are members of, saying she had received word that Anna had passed away from organ failure on the weekend. It was a shock and is still a shock. She was only 35, how could someone like that die. Someone who I’ve chatted to for years, someone just like me. We may have only been online friends but that is still a great friendship, one that can actually be closer because it’s easier to bare your darkest fears to someone on the other side of the world you know you won’t happen to run into down the street. The grief still hurts, no matter the distance between us.

The only good thing to happen, thanks to Covid, was the ability to join in Anna’s funeral service due to it being live streamed, early yesterday morning. It’s hard to believe she is gone, her body now cremated, and her spirit hopefully finally in Heaven, now at peace which she was never able to find her on earth. Online friends may only be online, but they are just as real as friends in the flesh.


Farewell my Petal

I lost my best friend Matilda five weeks ago, aged twelve years and eight months. We had a tough last few weeks, with a scare the week when she feinted while out walking. I thought we had lost her then, but by the time we made it to the vets she was happily sitting up in her pram. We had many visits to the vets in the previous few weeks, trying to work out what was going on with her stomach. We never did quite work out what was happening. Even though she had Mitral Valve Disease like Lucy, she never went into Congestive Heart Failure either. She passed away quietly in the car just blocks from the emergency vet. I’m thankful she spared me from having to make that awful decision of putting her to sleep, which I thought at the time was going to be the outcome. I’m thankful she went on God’s terms, not mine.

Twelve and a half wonderful years Matilda and I got to spend together. She was there through my ups and my many more downs. She was my best friend, always by my side. After a bad day there was the happiness of knowing she would be there when I got home, waiting to give me one of her wonderful teddy bear like cuddles when she saw me, which seemed to make everything better, even if it was only for a little while. She was my first dog of my own. What a wonderful first dog I was blessed with. Because she was so wonderful, I decided to get another Cavalier which brought Lucy to us. Matilda was a gorgeous, outgoing puppy. We spent a lot of time together playing and learning the life of a dog together. When she was little, after I came home from work she would have crazy puppy hour, which is how Matilda got her nickname Petal. She would go crazy, running around, jumping up, playing with toys, playing with me, trying to bite my hands, that I would say to her “Settle Petal”. Soon the nickname Petal was hers.

Just before her second birthday, we welcomed Lucy into our family. At first Petal was unsure of her, as Lucy tried to suckle from her, but after a few weeks they settled in together and soon became best friends, and became my girls. Matilda was the perfect big sister to Lucy, and I know Lucy would have been lost without her. She was definitely her protector. When the girls got their lunch time Dentastix, Matilda always waited until Lucy got hers before she would run upstairs also and eat hers. If Lucy got hers first, she never waited until Matilda got hers. They were inseparable. When Lucy passed away last October, Matilda was very lost without her. She was never quite the same afterwards. Her loud snoring at night ceased. Whereas Lucy would have to be hand-fed her bikkies to eat them, Matilda would happily munch hers. That changed after Lucy left us, and Matilda would have to be hand-fed or she would not eat at all. I know she missed Lucy terribly those first few weeks, like we all did, and we all had to learn to adjust to life without our Little Luce.

Petal really knew what it was like to be a dog and enjoy life. She would happily greet those she loved with a huge tail wag and excitement. If you went away for the day, she would give you quite the talking to when you returned. She was a social butterfly and loved getting pats off people, whether she knew them or not. If she wasn’t finished yet she was quick to nudge your hand so you would continue patting her until she was finished. She loved her food. She loved to roll on Mum’s bed, messing it up, after tea. Mum would complain about this, but I always told her Matilda had down a turndown service for her and she should be thankful. Of a morning when let outside to toilet, Matilda would go to the fence, wag her tail and look for next doors dogs to say hello to. This was a different matter when the same dogs walked passed our yard, where she would bark and bark at them.

Both Cleo and Jonah also loved Matilda. They especially liked her in winter. On a cold day, she was the perfect place to snuggle up to, to help stay warm. She would tolerate it for a little while but eventually she would get up and leave them behind on her bed. There was benefits to having cats. She would eagerly do their washing up each night, licking their dishes clean after they had eaten tea, making sure no trace of cat food was left behind.

Old age slowly crept up on Matilda. The first sign were the white hairs that grew around her face. She slowed down a lot more, slept a lot more, and she definitely went to the toilet a lot more. She still loved getting out and about with us. She loved going out in the pram for walkies, and getting to walk for a little bit. After Lucy passed away, she loved becoming my therapy dog and going with me to see my therapist. She would get all the pats she needed from my therapist and lay down on the floor, either waiting or sleeping until it was time to go home.

It was hard losing Matilda, but I’m thankful she and Lucy were happily reunited at the Rainbow Bridge. My one regret is I wasn’t able to be there for their reunion. I know it would have been full of lots of excitement, with tails wagging, ears flapping, barks of excitement, just like when they realised they were going for walkies with me. Farewell my Petal. I love you and I miss you. Until we are back together again. xx.

Grey Black Nothing

It starts slowly, a little bit dreary. Soon the world is just a tad more grey. Next it’s overcast, you start to feel it. It is dark grey and foggy and soon you notice it’s getting harder to breathe. The grey, the fog starts to weigh heavily not only on your chest but your whole body. It pushes you down and you can’t even lift your head to see it surrounding you. You can feel it crushing you, pushing you down with no way of escaping. The blackness swallows you whole. You try to look around you but you can’t see anything stuck in the big black whole of nothingness. Time moves differently. Sights and sounds barely recognisable, out of reach, out of touch. There is nothing else for you to do except surrender.

When It Rains It Pours

Drought and fires were quickly replaced by floods in our town last week. Heavy rain and showers over a few days resulted in our dwindling creek being transformed into a raging river, bursting its banks, transforming streets into beautiful canals. While some homes and businesses were inundated with water, the damage was minimal. We are thankful for the life giving rains.

What A Difference A Week Can Make

I was going to show how bad the drought is in our town in regional Queensland in Australia. While we have been spared from the horrific fires which have plagued a lot of our country, we are battling with drought and no rain. The last few days however, we have received a decent amount of rain, the most we have received for nearly a year. As a result, the same creek I walked in last week, the dry and cracked channels of it, revealing rubbish and long forgotten about relics, is now flooding. The weir is flowing over the road and the dried channels are full of water, rain that’s travelled a long distance from hours away to pass through. A pelican appeared at the last moment, no doubt pleased to be able to swim in a spot where last week he could only stand on the exposed bottom of the creek.


Below are some of my photos I took last week, showing our creek dying, exposed. There is not much water, but it must be more than places further west because there were many birds such as pelicans, ibis and spoonbills which I’ve never before seen on there, gathering on and around the creek.

Near the weir


Deep cracks where water used to be

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There must be enough fish to keep these beautiful birds here, even if we can’t see it.

We can only pray that we will receive more rain which will continue to fill up the creek and its tributaries and provide food for all our native wildlife. We need more rain to wet the soil for farmers to plant crops to be able to harvest later on. We need rain to sustain us, our town, and life.


I Love Lucy


My sweet baby girl Lucy left us for the rainbow bridge last Wednesday night, leaving us all devastated and missing her dearly. She suffered a heart attack while sleeping on Mum’s bed. She quickly passed and left us, all too soon. She was struck down by the Cavalier Curse. She was doing so well on her Vetmedin heart tablets. It was 19 months since she was first diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease and we were given an estimate of her only having 6 months left to live.

Lucy celebrated her 10th Birthday just 12 days before this and it was a milestone, as I had envisioned her not making it to her 9th Birthday.  We had a party to celebrate her being 10, with birthday balloons – just like her big sister Matilda had for her 10th Birthday, a trip to the nearby creek for a walk to have a look at the pelicans, have a swing on the swings and enjoy some special birthday muffins. She had a great time, as well as Matilda, and I’m thankful she was here to celebrate, as well as Matilda.


10 years isn’t long enough to have had her for. She was such a loving beautiful sweetie, no matter how long the time we had together, it would have never been long enough. She still looked young and only recently started going a bit grey around her mouth. She was still a puppy at heart. When she realised it was walkies time she would bark and twirl around in circles, unable to contain her excitement. If Cleo or Jonah the cats were in her path, they would get a good ear cleaning from her and a bark in their ears because she was so excited. Equally as exciting was lunch time and tea time when there was food to be had. The same couldn’t be said for brekkie time because she didn’t like eating bikkies. She would usually relent after being allowed by Granny to eat them on my bed and be hand fed them.

She was so sweet and dear, with her heart full of joy and love for everyone. She knew how to work those big expressive sweet eyes to her advantage. No one could resist her and would give in to her when she wanted treats, pats or belly rubs. Although she was a bit anxious in new and different situations and around those she didn’t know (who can blame her) she was pure joy. She loved her big sister Matilda from the beginning, even if Matilda wasn’t too keen on her at first. When I would take Matilda walking and couldn’t take Lucy because she wasn’t fully immunised yet, she would cry and make me feel so guilty that I would have to take her with me and carry her in my arms. When I would briefly put her down for a minute she would quickly run up to Matilda and try to walk beside her, determined not to be left behind. She spent her whole life trying not to be left behind by Matilda, relying on her for so much. When we went somewhere and people would try to talk to her, she would hide behind my legs trying to ignore the people who were telling her how gorgeous she was. Once I picked her up and held onto her she was a lot calmer.


She will always be my Little Luce, my Lucy-Lu, Poppet, Little Poppet, my sweetie, sweet, sweetie pie, sweetums,  gorgeous, beautiful, precious. Along with Matilda they were my “girls”, something I can no longer say with only Matilda now.

I’m thankful her passing was quick and I never had to make the choice to put her sleep. We were lucky also that she never entered congestive heart failure, which would have been more tablets and testing which she wasn’t a fan of. There seems to be so many Cavs dying of this horrible disease, many younger than Lucy. Due to negligent inbreeding many years ago, it is us now that still have to deal with the after effects. We need to eliminate Mitral Valve Disease out of the gene pool of all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. It is such unnecessary suffering that both the Cavs and all owners have to face, the Cavs while they are dealing with it, and the distraught owners who are left behind afterwards. Do the responsible thing and get your puppy desexed. Don’t breed from them, leave that up to the breeders who are trying their hardest to eradicate it.

Lucy you may be gone from my arms, but I will never forget you. I love you and I miss you. Until we meet again my sweetie pie. xxx

Losing Lolly


This is all we have left of our cat Lolly, after the new neighbour’s 2 dogs broke through our fence and killed our Lolly. 9 weeks ago, our elderly 17 1/2 year old cat Lolly was asleep in our backyard. The 2 dogs broke through our fence, I believe trying to get my 2 dogs who were outside toileting not long before, but instead grabbed Lolly. They picked her up in their mouths, ran around the whole of our yard, carrying Lolly like a rag doll in their mouth. By the time my Mum heard noises outside and went out to investigate, Lolly was already dead and bleeding profusely from bite marks and wounds on her frail body.

Lolly was 17 1/2 years old. She suffered with hyperthyroidism which we had recently begun to get under control, and also arthritis and partial deafness, all conditions which effect elderly cats. She had no way of being able to escape these savage dogs that broke into our yard, on the hunt. We hope due to her bad hearing, she may not have been able to even hear them coming to get her, and we hope that she passed before she even realised what was happening to her. We can’t imagine what she would have gone through in her final minutes here on earth. At nearly 18 years old, she definitely did not deserve for her life to be ended in such a vicious and unprovoked way. She was sleeping in our yard which was meant to be safe for her.

Our neighbours have shown little remorse for the actions of their dogs, or their own ability to safely control and keep 2 vicious dogs inside on their own property. They have taken no responsibility and instead have blamed us and Lolly for what has happened and for other things. Those dogs broke through our fence and were still in our yard when the pound man arrived, yet according to them, it’s all our fault.

Due to council laws, these 2 savage dogs have since been returned to their owners after having to spend 1 night in the pound until the owner paid the fines. They have been declared dangerous, but the owners don’t agree with this and have hired a solicitor to try and fight the conditions which this now entails. These dogs are still running freely around their yard, yet according to the dangerous dogs act, they should not be. The local council has ineffective laws to deal with savage dogs like this, and the owners of these dogs have more rights than we do. We face anxiety every time we step out our back door, afraid that these dogs will once again be running around our backyard, waiting to attack us, or even worse to attack my 2 small dogs, my lovely girls, as they go outside to toilet. I will no longer let my girls in the backyard, because it’s far too dangerous for them. Now my girls only get to go outside in the front part of the yard, but not for too long, because if those 2 dogs were to come running back in our yard again, there would be no chance of me being able to save them.

Local council laws need to change and be tougher and they need to be the same laws across the whole state. There should be consequences for these dogs and their owners instantly. We should not have to wait until a person gets seriously injured or killed before something gets done. A cat is a beloved family member and should have the same rights when it is killed, the same what a dog or a person would have.

We are sorry Lolly, we are trying our hardest for you, but no one seems to care.




To my sweet girls…

My precious girls, where has the time gone?

Matilda, it was 11 years ago since you were a little puppy. You were my first puppy love. You had the most soft and silky ears that smelled like puppy milk. I finally had my own Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, a girl of course, so I could put pink bows in those gorgeous long ears. You were such a good puppy, full of energy to run and play with your toys and to chase me with. You soon earned the nickname Petal, after having your crazy puppy hour after I came home from work. You ran and chased and kept jumping up on me. I had to tell you to “settle petal”, and soon the name Petal stuck.

You loved to say hello to everybody, especially more so when you knew you were going to get pats. I could see your confusion, after you wagged that feathery tail of yours ferociously at an approaching person, only to have them walk straight past you, without as much as a glance your way.

Soon you were growing up, and we succeeded in toilet training, when neither of us were sure of what we were doing. Your first birthday was marked with a mini party, and a party hat you decided you would rather chew then keep on your head. I was so in love with you, I wanted more many Cavs.


I found Lucy, 9 years ago. Due to a change in circumstances, her potential new owners could no longer take her, and she became mine. It was meant to be. While you both came from the same breeder – but to different parents, you were soon Matilda’s sister.  You were only 6 weeks old and so much smaller than chubby puppy Matilda ever was, when you arrived. At first you assumed this bigger Cavalier must have been your new mum, and tried ever so hard to suckle from her. Matilda had no idea what was happening and would run to me for comfort. None the less, Matilda was very interested in you. You soon realised Matilda wasn’t your mum and became best friends.

You were mesmerised by the camera when I took photos of you and would happily pose for photos, transfixed by the zoom lens. You had the most  beautiful puppy smell, right behind your neck. Soon you too were growing so quickly, loving everyone and the cats. This time around, toilet training was a breeze. You relied on Matilda a lot, but Matilda was the perfect big sister, brave and caring for you.

You both soon became known as “the girls”. I had two girls to put pretty bows in their ears. You were both young and happy. Hearing things about arthritis, senior dogs and Mitral Valve Disease wasn’t given a second thought. I didn’t need to worry about that yet, we had plenty of time before there was even a chance of that happening. Yet time quickly passed and years later, here we are. A trip to the heart specialist last year, after the local vets found both girls to have heart murmurs, confirmed the worst. Both Matilda and Lucy had Mitral Valve Disease – the Cavalier Curse.

While Matilda’s heart wasn’t as bad, being given a life expectancy of at least 1 – 3 years, the shock was Lucy being given only 6 months. Lucy you were only 8 years old, far too young to leave me, still a young dog really. I could envision you quickly slipping away from me and Matilda in only a few short months. I suppose it made sense, you having the worst heart: you always did have the big heart, full of love for everyone. While we didn’t have much time left I had to try and make it special for you, and for Matilda. The pet pram soon became your royal carriage for both you girls. When you had walked far enough, you could enjoy being pushed further in your pram.

Nearly a year later, you are both still here with me. Medication has been wonderful for you, even if we have to follow Mary Poppins advice of “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”, and dip your tablet in honey to ensure you swallow it. While Lucy’s condition hasn’t really progressed any further, thank goodness, Matilda was diagnosed as being at the same stage as Lucy, at our recent appointment with the heart specialist. I don’t know how much longer we have together, before you both suffer from congestive heart failure, all due to a dodgy heart valve and bad breeding practices, many decades ago.

I don’t know how the next few months, hopefully years, will progress for both of you. I know that however much time we have left together, it’s not going to be long enough. I know I hate going to work each day and leaving the both of you at home, and also the cats. Time could be much better spent, at home with you. I hope we all enjoy the time we have left together. In two weeks time, we are taking you to the beach. I hope we will all be happy and free to enjoy our time, frolicking on the beach together. It would be great if you both were brave enough to go in the water a little bit this time, for my benefit. I would love to be able to see what you both look like when you swim and if you can swim.

In the mean time, let’s continue loving one another and enjoy our time together. When the time comes, on those terrible days, when you both will earn your angel wings, I take comfort in knowing that Angel Kitty Mickey is waiting for at the Rainbow Bridge, where one day we will all be reunited, with lots of love, hugs, kisses, pats and joy all shared between us, at last.

I love you girls,


A new look


I’ve got a pretty new picture to go with my blog, thanks to André Yonge. Internet friends are great, especially when they have a pretty picture on their own blog So I admired Lucy’s gorgeous werewolf and she was able to hook me up with her lovely and amazingly talented friend André who was happy to do me a wonderful picture. He even surprised me by including my 2 girls (dogs) Matilda and Lucy running along the water’s edge. I’m very impressed with the end results and I hope you are too.

Stop Texting Me Clive Palmer!



I received this text message from Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party yesterday, the 2nd text in a week from them. Apparently it’s legal for them to obtain my number from the electoral roll to send bizarre messages. At least this one was mentioning a part of the state that I don’t even live in. But what can one say to a message like this? #bizarre

Move along Clive, you are just wasting your texts on me.