Losing Lolly


This is all we have left of our cat Lolly, after the new neighbour’s 2 dogs broke through our fence and killed our Lolly. 9 weeks ago, our elderly 17 1/2 year old cat Lolly was asleep in our backyard. The 2 dogs broke through our fence, I believe trying to get my 2 dogs who were outside toileting not long before, but instead grabbed Lolly. They picked her up in their mouths, ran around the whole of our yard, carrying Lolly like a rag doll in their mouth. By the time my Mum heard noises outside and went out to investigate, Lolly was already dead and bleeding profusely from bite marks and wounds on her frail body.

Lolly was 17 1/2 years old. She suffered with hyperthyroidism which we had recently begun to get under control, and also arthritis and partial deafness, all conditions which effect elderly cats. She had no way of being able to escape these savage dogs that broke into our yard, on the hunt. We hope due to her bad hearing, she may not have been able to even hear them coming to get her, and we hope that she passed before she even realised what was happening to her. We can’t imagine what she would have gone through in her final minutes here on earth. At nearly 18 years old, she definitely did not deserve for her life to be ended in such a vicious and unprovoked way. She was sleeping in our yard which was meant to be safe for her.

Our neighbours have shown little remorse for the actions of their dogs, or their own ability to safely control and keep 2 vicious dogs inside on their own property. They have taken no responsibility and instead have blamed us and Lolly for what has happened and for other things. Those dogs broke through our fence and were still in our yard when the pound man arrived, yet according to them, it’s all our fault.

Due to council laws, these 2 savage dogs have since been returned to their owners after having to spend 1 night in the pound until the owner paid the fines. They have been declared dangerous, but the owners don’t agree with this and have hired a solicitor to try and fight the conditions which this now entails. These dogs are still running freely around their yard, yet according to the dangerous dogs act, they should not be. The local council has ineffective laws to deal with savage dogs like this, and the owners of these dogs have more rights than we do. We face anxiety every time we step out our back door, afraid that these dogs will once again be running around our backyard, waiting to attack us, or even worse to attack my 2 small dogs, my lovely girls, as they go outside to toilet. I will no longer let my girls in the backyard, because it’s far too dangerous for them. Now my girls only get to go outside in the front part of the yard, but not for too long, because if those 2 dogs were to come running back in our yard again, there would be no chance of me being able to save them.

Local council laws need to change and be tougher and they need to be the same laws across the whole state. There should be consequences for these dogs and their owners instantly. We should not have to wait until a person gets seriously injured or killed before something gets done. A cat is a beloved family member and should have the same rights when it is killed, the same what a dog or a person would have.

We are sorry Lolly, we are trying our hardest for you, but no one seems to care.




One thought on “Losing Lolly

  1. What a lovely cat and a long life she had. I, too, hope she passed quickly and I’m so sorry for your loss and wish you the best of luck in your fight.

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