What A Difference A Week Can Make

I was going to show how bad the drought is in our town in regional Queensland in Australia. While we have been spared from the horrific fires which have plagued a lot of our country, we are battling with drought and no rain. The last few days however, we have received a decent amount of rain, the most we have received for nearly a year. As a result, the same creek I walked in last week, the dry and cracked channels of it, revealing rubbish and long forgotten about relics, is now flooding. The weir is flowing over the road and the dried channels are full of water, rain that’s travelled a long distance from hours away to pass through. A pelican appeared at the last moment, no doubt pleased to be able to swim in a spot where last week he could only stand on the exposed bottom of the creek.


Below are some of my photos I took last week, showing our creek dying, exposed. There is not much water, but it must be more than places further west because there were many birds such as pelicans, ibis and spoonbills which I’ve never before seen on there, gathering on and around the creek.

Near the weir


Deep cracks where water used to be

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There must be enough fish to keep these beautiful birds here, even if we can’t see it.

We can only pray that we will receive more rain which will continue to fill up the creek and its tributaries and provide food for all our native wildlife. We need more rain to wet the soil for farmers to plant crops to be able to harvest later on. We need rain to sustain us, our town, and life.


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