I Love Lucy


My sweet baby girl Lucy left us for the rainbow bridge last Wednesday night, leaving us all devastated and missing her dearly. She suffered a heart attack while sleeping on Mum’s bed. She quickly passed and left us, all too soon. She was struck down by the Cavalier Curse. She was doing so well on her Vetmedin heart tablets. It was 19 months since she was first diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease and we were given an estimate of her only having 6 months left to live.

Lucy celebrated her 10th Birthday just 12 days before this and it was a milestone, as I had envisioned her not making it to her 9th Birthday.  We had a party to celebrate her being 10, with birthday balloons – just like her big sister Matilda had for her 10th Birthday, a trip to the nearby creek for a walk to have a look at the pelicans, have a swing on the swings and enjoy some special birthday muffins. She had a great time, as well as Matilda, and I’m thankful she was here to celebrate, as well as Matilda.


10 years isn’t long enough to have had her for. She was such a loving beautiful sweetie, no matter how long the time we had together, it would have never been long enough. She still looked young and only recently started going a bit grey around her mouth. She was still a puppy at heart. When she realised it was walkies time she would bark and twirl around in circles, unable to contain her excitement. If Cleo or Jonah the cats were in her path, they would get a good ear cleaning from her and a bark in their ears because she was so excited. Equally as exciting was lunch time and tea time when there was food to be had. The same couldn’t be said for brekkie time because she didn’t like eating bikkies. She would usually relent after being allowed by Granny to eat them on my bed and be hand fed them.

She was so sweet and dear, with her heart full of joy and love for everyone. She knew how to work those big expressive sweet eyes to her advantage. No one could resist her and would give in to her when she wanted treats, pats or belly rubs. Although she was a bit anxious in new and different situations and around those she didn’t know (who can blame her) she was pure joy. She loved her big sister Matilda from the beginning, even if Matilda wasn’t too keen on her at first. When I would take Matilda walking and couldn’t take Lucy because she wasn’t fully immunised yet, she would cry and make me feel so guilty that I would have to take her with me and carry her in my arms. When I would briefly put her down for a minute she would quickly run up to Matilda and try to walk beside her, determined not to be left behind. She spent her whole life trying not to be left behind by Matilda, relying on her for so much. When we went somewhere and people would try to talk to her, she would hide behind my legs trying to ignore the people who were telling her how gorgeous she was. Once I picked her up and held onto her she was a lot calmer.


She will always be my Little Luce, my Lucy-Lu, Poppet, Little Poppet, my sweetie, sweet, sweetie pie, sweetums,  gorgeous, beautiful, precious. Along with Matilda they were my “girls”, something I can no longer say with only Matilda now.

I’m thankful her passing was quick and I never had to make the choice to put her sleep. We were lucky also that she never entered congestive heart failure, which would have been more tablets and testing which she wasn’t a fan of. There seems to be so many Cavs dying of this horrible disease, many younger than Lucy. Due to negligent inbreeding many years ago, it is us now that still have to deal with the after effects. We need to eliminate Mitral Valve Disease out of the gene pool of all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. It is such unnecessary suffering that both the Cavs and all owners have to face, the Cavs while they are dealing with it, and the distraught owners who are left behind afterwards. Do the responsible thing and get your puppy desexed. Don’t breed from them, leave that up to the breeders who are trying their hardest to eradicate it.

Lucy you may be gone from my arms, but I will never forget you. I love you and I miss you. Until we meet again my sweetie pie. xxx

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