Christmas Expectations

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It’s only November but already companies are doing their best in getting us to buy up for Christmas. Christmas decorations are on display throughout shopping centres, Christmas carols are blasting out from speakers, and signs with the tagline “make it the best one yet”, are shoved in our faces.

News reports say we will each spend an average of $1000 on Christmas presents this year, an increase on the amount spent last year. Who are these people who can afford to spend that much money on Christmas presents? It’s certainly not me. I hope the person who spends the rest of my share of the average, spends it on something pleasurable; like books or cats, or both.

There seems to be a certain expectation that we have to have the most magical Christmas ever; making sure we spend up big on presents that our loved ones desperately want, while also dishing up the most delicious Christmas feast, with the best in season food, laid out on the perfectly set table filled with matching dishes and cutlery.

In real life, this does not happen. This is far from the truth for many people. Even if you think they have it perfect on all the Christmas TV episodes and movies, remember the McCallister’s in Home Alone? They managed to go away for their Christmas holiday and forget to take their 8 year old son with them.

In reality, this Christmas, there will be a lot of people isolated by themselves, having just another day. Families with no presents to give to each other. Families suffering because their loved ones are no longer there with them to celebrate and who can’t find the joy in the day. There will be people who dread Christmas Day and what it means, having to deal with families, knowing that the day will only end badly. There will be many people too anxious and too depressed to even be able to manage to get out of bed that day, even if it is Christmas. In our society, there are also many religions and cultures who won’t even celebrate Christmas.

I think it’s time to forget the expectation. The expectation of having “the perfect Christmas”. Let’s forgo the stress beforehand and the guilt afterwards. Let’s forget about the coulda’s, shoulda’s, woulda’s. Let’s forget all that. Let’s decide how we want to, or not want to, celebrate Christmas. We can choose to do things our way.

Who says Christmas has to be perfect? Just a whole lot of companies trying to make money, that’s who.



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