It’s nearly Christmas time which mean it’s time for Share The Dignity’s annual drive #itsinthebag, where you fill a handbag with sanitary products and essentials for women experiencing homelessness and escaping from domestic violence, over the Christmas season. It’s such a wonderful cause and I have been donating since it started a few years ago.

Share The Dignity has been established for a few years now in Australia. Founder Rochelle Courtenay read an online article on MamaMia  about homeless women resorting to use paper towels and going without sanitary products as they could not access anything else while being homeless. Soon after, Rochelle started the charity which has resulted in collection drives for pads and tampons in April and August, installing free vending machines with pads and tampons in locations where they are most needed, and other initiatives.

This year I donated 2 teen bags and 4 adult bags.  I hope those who receive them will love them and know how much they matter.


Bags again this year can be dropped off at any Bunnings store, Australia wide until December 2nd.


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